Q & I has extensive experience in strip processing lines such as

Carbon steel strips:

  • Continuous pickling lines

  • Hot dip galvanizing lines

  • Tension levelling lines

  • Coil coating lines

  • Continuous annealing lines

  • Side trimming lines

  • Coil Inspection and banding lines for hot band

Stainless steel strips:

  • Hot annealing & pickling lines

  • Cold annealing & pickling lines

  • Skin pass and tension levelling lines

Aluminium strips:

  • Automotive heat treatment lines

  • Aerospace heat treatment lines

  • Automotive surface treatment lines

  • EDT skin pass mills

  • Coil coating lines for can end stock

  • Coil coating lines for architectural applications

  • Tension levelling lines

  • Pure-stretch levelling lines

  • Degreasing & levelling lines for lithographic strips

  • Side trimming lines

  • Coil preparation lines



Focussing on strip flatness and surface defects issues.