Q & I Consulting GmbH focuses on the cost-effective production of first choice flat rolled metal coils and strips.
Utilising Q & I Consulting GmbH can be of benefit to you if:

  • you have plans for future investment in new or upgraded strip processing lines or coil handling systems

  • you need experienced help in the planning or conceptual design for your improvement program

  • you want sound independent unbiased advice in regard to technical solutions offered by equipment suppliers

  • you want to cost-effectively increase the output/quality of your existing equipment

  • you have specific product quality or productivity issues you need to address

  • you have specific equipment issues you want to have resolved

  • you have questions regarding BWG-equipment supplied before 2020


At Q & I you can get expert advice and service in regard to metal strip processing lines and coil handling systems together with associated equipment, independent of the proprietary interests of equipment suppliers. This advice will guard you from suppliers:

  • trying to sell something, even if it does not make sense for you the customer

  • advising you the customer in a way to maximize their sales

  • advising you the customer in a way to sell you the supplier’s standard equipment which may not be the best technical solution to meet your needs

  • formulate technical specifications and guarantees in a supplier-friendly manner

  • formulate specifications such that it opens the door for later supplier claims

Q & I will:

  • help you formulate your investment plans based on sound well-reasoned technical solutions

  • help you with technical issues associated with your existing equipment

  • work with you and your chosen suppliers to establish fair specifications and contract terms that allow you to achieve your project goals


We support the leading metal producers with our
expertise and our innovative approach.