Q & I Consulting GmbH

Q & I Consulting GmbH is an independent service provider, founded by Dr. Andreas Noé, Q & I´s managing director. Andreas Noé was the owner and technical managing director of the former engineering and equipment supplier BWG Bergwerk- und Walzwerk-Maschinenbau GmbH in Duisburg, Germany. BWG served many major companies in the metals industry for over 64 years with strip processing lines, modernisations as well as slab and coil handling equipment. BWG earned and enjoyed a sound reputation for quality and innovation. Q & I’s name picks up on these attributes.

In his more than 36 years of service at BWG, Andreas Noé was responsible for the conceptual design and layout of BWG´s strip processing lines. He was involved in projects from the proposal phase and contract negotiation through process commissioning and FAC test. His experience covers carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous metal strips, with flat rolled metals of yield strengths from 30 – 2000 MPa and a strip gauge range from 0.1 to 25 mm.

A graduate in mechanical engineering from RWTH Aachen University, he wrote his dissertation in tension levelling at Leoben University. One of his technical focuses is his expertise in the theory of plasticity and strip levelling, as well as aluminium processing lines. With over 50 patents for BWG, he provided the innovative character of the company.

Q & I has extensive experience in strip processing lines such as

Carbon steel strips:

  • Continuous pickling lines

  • Hot dip galvanizing lines

  • Tension levelling lines

  • Coil coating lines

  • Continuous annealing lines

  • Side trimming lines

  • Coil Inspection and banding lines for hot band

Stainless steel strips:

  • Hot annealing & pickling lines

  • Cold annealing & pickling lines

  • Skin pass and tension levelling lines

Aluminium strips:

  • Automotive heat treatment lines

  • Aerospace heat treatment lines

  • Automotive surface treatment lines

  • EDT skin pass mills

  • Coil coating lines for can end stock

  • Coil coating lines for architectural applications

  • Tension levelling lines

  • Pure-stretch levelling lines

  • Degreasing & levelling lines for lithographic strips

  • Side trimming lines

  • Coil preparation lines



Focussing on strip flatness and surface defects issues.